Diva Milano Charity Lottery: Help the Forest Fire Victims



Last weekend, 17-18 June, 2017 a great tragedy happened in Portugal: because of the sudden and quickly spread forest fire in the middle of Portugal about 60 people died, 54 were injured and countless families had their homes destroyed in a fire. The search for victims has not been concluded yet, so there are probably more.


Diva Milano as having a customer service offce in Portugal can not stay aside of this tragedy. Together with a Portuguese babywearing community we offer this unique Diva Milano wrap for a lottery where you can participate and win it just for 5 Euro. All funds we got for this lottery will be transfered to the governmental bank account created for the help of the fire victims.

Terms of the Lottery:

  • To enter the lottery make the purchase of this product with a 5 Euro price and pay instantly with Paypal or make a bank transfer with your name mentioned in the payment comments. 
  • Once you place the order and the payment arrives, we will send you a lottery number.
  • We accept entries 4 days: from June 19 till 22, 2017. GET AS MANY ENTRIES AS YOU WANT to increase your chances.
  • On June 23 the list of all entries will be passed to the Portuguese babywearing community (https://www.facebook.com/groups/483199745041769/), personally to Diana Palma, a babywearing consultant and one of the community leaders. The babywearing community will randomly define the winner who will get a wrap with a free shipping from Portugal.
  • All funds we collect through the entries will be transfered to the bank account created by the state bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos specially to help the victims (https://www.cgd.pt/Institucional/Sala-de-Imprensa/2017/Pages/Unidos-por-Pedrogao-Grande.aspx
  • We will publish a full report of the lottery results and transfer confirmation in our social networks.

Veneziano Petrel

The item offered for the lottery is a unique one: only 2 wraps were produced with a much higher density so that the wrap has the great supporting qualities and is perfect for toddlers. Its weight is about 320g/m². We have one wrap available in size 5.6m (XL), which can be hemmed if desired by the winner to a shorter size.

Diva Milano Veneziano Petrel is one of the models of the Flora Collection (spring/summer 2014), made from cotton/linen/silk blend (52% cotton, 30% linen, 18% natural silk).  It has a petrol (green blue) Egyptian cotton warp and blended white linen/silk weft.

The innovative cotton/linen/silk blend has unique qualities: great support of linen is combined with silky shine and softness, which makes this sling ideal both for a newborn and for a toddler.

Veneziano pattern is lace placed all-over the wrap. It is soft straight from the box - gentle enough to cushion a newborn, but with a jacquard weave ensuring full support for toddlers.

Only Egyptian cottonis used in production of Diva Milano wraps. This is the finest and most expensive type of cotton with extra-long staples, usually produced by luxury brands' bed linen and clothes, often mixed with silk. This cotton plant produces long, thin fibers that won't pill. Threads are light but strong, silky and soft. With proper care, baby wraps from Egyptian cotton will last several decades, which justifies a higher price tag.

Veneziano Petrel