Factory in Italy

Diva Milano factory in ItalyThe factory that produces the Diva Milano Slings is located to the North of Italy, a region well-known by its fabric production. The factory was established as a small family business 30 years ago and has been managed by 3 generations of family members.

Since then it has grown into a well established enterprise, with several waves of equipment renovation. Nowadays it is producing high-quality domestic fabrics for many world-famous fashion houses (Versace and Armani among others).

Only high-quality weaving yarns (cotton and other natural materials) of Italian origin are used in the production. All yarns used in Diva Milano Sling are produced from the puriest and highly refined raw materials, certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


Diva Milano fabrics go through final processing with vapor after weave. This and high quality yarn make the Diva Sling soft straight from the box.

Diva Milano fabrics are carefully inspected at a special equipment for any weaving flaws and damages, before they are sewen into wraps and ring slings.

Diva Milano production              Diva Milano production              Diva Milano production