Wrap Sizing and Features

Diva Milano Wrap Sizing

The DIVA Woven Wraparound Sling is available in sizes S (4.2m), M (4.6m) and L (5.2m). The right size will depend on your own measurements and how you prefer to carry your baby.

The medium-sized sling (4.6m) is generally suitable for most adults and carrying styles, the 5.2m sling might be better for larger adults and/or babies. Diva wrap tails are 20cm long.


Diva Wraparounds Features in Detail

The Diva Woven Wrap Sling is a carrier about 4-5m long and 70cm wide, in the form of a parallelogram. It features a unique, diagonal-weave fabric of optimum thickness and thread count, specially designed for carrying children. In contrast to jersy wraps (which stretch in all directions), the Diva Wraparound Sling is woven and stretches only on the bias, ensuring full support even for babies weighing more than 10 kilos. Homemade wraps and cheap imitations cannot provide this degree of security and comfort.

The Diva Woven Wrap Sling provides genuine ergonomic comfort for your baby without undue stress on your spine and hips. It is suitable even for newborns (but please follow instructions carefully).

Diva Milano weaveThe advantage of a wraparound sling is that it is particularly good for carrying long distances, even with heavy toddlers. No other baby sling delivers the same level of comfort and closeness while ensuring fully balanced weight distribution across the carrier’s body. 

Diva Milano Sling is made from a unique, diagonal-weave fabric of optimum thickness and thread count, specially designed for carrying children. Its final features combine:

- medium-thickness with a perfect 'breathability' for full comfort right through summer;

jacquard design to provide proper grippiness and full support for heavier children.

Diva fabrics go through final processing with mechanical treatment after weave. This and high quality yarn make the Diva Sling soft straight from the box.

We use a conventional Indian cotton, fabrics are woven at the carefully selected factories in India and Russia. 

Surface density of Diva Essenza 100% cotton fabric 250 g/m2, cotton/linen is 255 g/m2.



Diva wraparound slings have a nice carton pack and an instructions leaflet.

Diva Wrap Packages


The Diva wraparounds were tested in 2016 according to the US and EU standards:

  • meets ASTM International Standard F2907-15, approved Oct 2015
  • meets European Standard EN 13209-2, approved August 2005.