Ring Sling Sizing and Features

The Diva ring slings are produced from Diva wrap fabric. They are designed in Italy and produced in Portugal.



Size M is 180 cm (measured along the shorter side from rings). This size is suitable for those wearing sizes up to L (app. 14 US/16 GB or 44 (F), 50 (I)). 

Size L is 200cm (measured along the shorter side from rings). For most models this size is produced by request.



The rings are sewn to the fabric with a pleated shoulder, with several pleats folded in one direction. 

Diva Milano ring sling shoulder



The ringslings are made with top quality aluminum (lead and nickel free) sling rings specially designed and produced for babywearing.

The rings are WELD FREE which is crucial for babywearing: anything that is welded has a weakest point so the rings can break. Besides the weld is not smooth and it can weaken the fabric in wear. 

The Diva sling rings were tested (by SGS) to a breaking force of 1247kg (2750lbs)!

Standard big rings are used for all blends except bamboo: 3" inner and 3,5" outer diameter. We use small rings for bamboo blended fabric: 2,5" inner and 3" outer diameter.



Diva ring slings have a nice carton pack and an instructions leaflet.

Diva Milano Ring Sling Package



The Diva ring slings were tested in 2016 according to the US and EU standards:

  • meets ASTM International Standard F2907-15, approved Oct 2015
  • meets European Standard EN 13209-2, approved August 2005.