Diva Carriers Reviews

You can read hundreds of reviews for our products at our Facebook page and Facebook group, here are some extracts:

Rachel Coy (London), Diva Essenza wrap

"There is just the right amount of bounce to the fabric which made it lovely and supportive even for bigger kids... If I only wanted to buy one wrap then this wrap could be it. It's ability to be used across age groups is a definite bonus."

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Susanne Pereboom-van Houten (the Netherlands), Diva Milano Veneziano Mare with linen

"It's a rather thin and airy ( ♡ for summer) but surprisesingly strong wrap. I had no trouble carrying my 10 kg daughter up a 50 m high steep dune. Beside beiing toddler- and wiggelyproof this is also a great wrap for those just getting started with babywrapping.
It's very forgiffing and almost wraps itself.

What i absolutely love about this wrap is it's wider widht, so no more popping seats witch is a must have with my wiggeling, seat poppin 20 month old daughter".

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Katie Ocampos (UK), Diva Milano Veneziano Rosa with wool

"I was hesitant to purchase a wool wrap before receiving this. I knew it would require more careful care and I was anticipating something itchy and hot. I was so pleasantly surprised when I received this. It is soft, airy and light. Though the wool fibers are grippy it still pulls nicely through a slip knot and glides up into a spread pass. 

This wrap was actually a summer favorite (though we have loved it in all seasons) and is the only that I own that has stayed through many changes in our collection of carriers. It is a thin wrap, but doesn't dig. If you are looking for a lot of cushiness, this probably isn't the right blend but it is still very comfortable over the shoulders".

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Leonie Diks (US), Diva Milano Veneziano Pavone with hemp wrap

"I really love this cotton/hemp Veneziano Pavone. It was softer than I expected when it arrived. After a first soak-and-wash it was more sturdy, but it looks like it's breaking in quite fast. I like the combination of thin and strong in this wrap. A day trip with my 12kg girl on my back is no problem at all. Like for all Diva's, this one is nice and wide, so it wraps nicely around my toddler. And I love the colours; it also has a velvety shine, truly like a real 'pavone'!"


Meggan Pettit (US), Diva Milano Veneziano Fresco

"Veneziano Fresca is one of the longest lasting wraps in our stash (which is impressive for this churner!). It's incredibly soft and took almost no breaking in. It's one of my favorites because it's so thin, soft, and moldable, but is shockingly supportive given how thin it is. The extra width gives it surprising cush that I adore. It's amazing with both my infant and my 35lb 3-year-old.

Perfect for summer because it's thin and airy. I've actually been keeping an eye out for an all cotton size 4 Diva Milano for this summer because I think it'd be an incredible ruck wrap, especially since it's so wide and my almost 10-month-old has started popping her seat. I would (and do!) absolutely recommend Divas to old and new wrappers alike!"

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Aurelie Gomez (US), Diva Essenza Mei Tai

"I love my Diva Mei Tai. I went to baby wearing class a week before I was due and someone in the class had one and as soon as I got home I ordered one. I first tried my Mei Tai when I little one was one week old. I had never used one before but found is easy to put on. My little one fell asleep instantly.

This is my go to carrier when we are walking it going anywhere for more than 30 minutes. The other day we took a 3 hour walk with it in Santa Barbara. What I love about this carrier is that I can put it on when out and about. I've also started to learn how to nurse in it which is something I never learned how to do in other carriers with my older children. I get compliments everywhere I go wearing this wrap. I'm so glad I made this purchase".


Tamara Beck (Switzerland), Diva Essenza Erba

"It’s totally true. The Essenza collection is „one wrap fits all“. It’s so soft that I’d totally wrap a newborn with it plus it’s supportive enough for toddlers, at least in a multi-layer-carry. There’s only one design available but it’s timeless and pretty elegant. And, available in different colours, I guess everyone will find a matching wrap."

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Parenting69.com (Poland), Diva Essenza wrap

"Diva Essenza - great for beginners. Long story short – this wrap is great – easy, supportive and soft straight from the box – as manufacturer says. It is very good for mommies that arestarting with babywearing. Plus it has friendly price and you can chat to Diva Milano on Facebook – they are friendly and always answering:)"

Full review: http://parenting69.com/diva-milano-essenza-great-for-beginners/