Mei Tai Sizing and Features

Diva Milano mei tais are produced from Diva Milano wrap fabric. They are designed in Italy and produced in Portugal.

Special Features of our carrier:

  • a rollable hood which can be used as a baby headrest;
  • wide soft (Original)/ padded (Toddler) shoulder straps made of Diva wrap fabric, for a great carrying comfort and better adjustability;
  • straps at the hood to fix easily in shoulder half-rings;
  • adjustable backpanel base to ensure correct legs position for both newborns and toddlers;
  • stretchable backpanel height for better adjustment for a baby size (Original);
  • a drawstring in a neck area for perfect adjustment;
  • padded belt and leg openings (Toddler).

Comparison of Original and Toddler models:

Diva Milano Original and Toddler Mei Tai comparison

Original Mei Tai Dimensions:

  • Age: can be used from birth up to 2-3 years, optimal up to 12-18 months;
  • Upper straps: soft, 220cm (87in.) long, 24cm (9,5in.) wide;
  • Stretched backpanel height: 31-36cm (12-14in.) +9cm (3,5in.) wide soft belt;
  • Adjustable base: 20-40cm (8-16in.);
  • One size (suitable for a waist up to 160cm)

Toddler Mei Tai Dimensions:

  • Age: can be used from 6 months to 3 years;
  • Upper straps: padded, 220cm (87in.) long, 24cm (9,5in.) wide;
  • Backpanel height: 48cm (19in.) +10cm (4in.) wide padded belt;
  • Adjustable base: 25-45cm (10-18in.);
  • One size (suitable for a waist up to 160cm).


Designed in Italy, manufactured in Portugal.

Meets ASTM International Standard F2236-14, approved January 2014.
Meets European Standard EN 13209-2, approved August 2005

Care instructions: machine wash at gentle cycles and low temperature, do not tumble dry.


All mei tais have hoods which can be fixed with 2 half-rings on each shoulder strap. You can use a hood as a headrest with 2 possible positions. When the headrest is fixed in the upper position, it serves as a mei tai back extension so can be recommended especially for toddlers.

Diva Milano Mei Tai

 Diva Milano Toddler Mei Tai

Regular mei tai dimensions are suitable for grown-ups wearing sizes up to XL (app. 16 US/18 GB or 46 (F), 52 (I)). Grown-ups with sizes L-XL will have the upper straps' knot on their back. Grown-ups with lower sizes can have a knot in front, under the baby's bum, as per our instructions. Lower straps are suitable for a waist up to 160cm.

Size L can be produced by request, with a slight mark-up (please contact us by e-mail for details).


Diva Milano Original mei tais can be used with:

  • newborns (with a hood used as a headrest and mei tai body base reduced in width by special cords with stoppers); you can also reduce the height of the back panel by slight tucking of the belt;
  • most babies up to 12-18 months with the upper side of the mei tai back ending under their head (the baby should be properly positioned without excessive sagging in the back, with a mei tai back properly pulled up);
  • toddlers up to 2-3 years with their shoulders and sometimes arms outside. 

If your baby is older than 6 months, we recommend purchasing the Diva Toddler Mei Tai >>

Diva Essenza mei tai

A baby on the left side is a big boy 12 months old. A doll on the right side has dimensions of a 1-2 months baby.





Diva mei tai have a nice carton pack and an instructions leaflet.

Diva Milano Mei Tai Pack



The Diva mei tai was tested in 2016 according to the US and EU standards:

  • meets ASTM International Standard F2236-14, approved January 2014
  • meets European Standard EN 13209-2, approved August 2005.