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Buckle Baby Carrier: Newborn

Age: from birth

To carry a baby younger than 5 months (height less than 66 cm and weight less than 7 kg), you need to use our special detachable insert.  The newborn insert looks like this:

It has to be fixed to the inside of the carrier back panel before putting the carrier on. Pass the top ends of the insert throughout the elastic loops on the back panel. Reduce the length of the shoulder straps at the top of the back panel.  To do this, tighten the webbing at the top of the straps. Secure the loose end of the insert on the shoulder strap using the button. 

Adjust the position of the insert depending on the baby’s size (for a newborn use the lower buttonhole). Do the same at each side.

Fix the lower part of the insert inside the belt using the button.

Baby's position in the carrier will look like this. The insert passes UNDER his knees, keeping the anatomically correct position. Baby's bottom hangs over the insert.

Narrow the back panel, for that move the panel along the belt to the center (at both sides) and fix with a velcro tape.

The baby is surrounded by the insert, which passes under his knees. Baby's bottom hangs over the insert. IMPORTANT: the baby should not sit on the insert! Baby's knees are set at an angle that is comfortable for him. 

After the insert is fixed on the carrier, you should place the waistband of the carrier at your waist.

Tighten the waist belt to fit tightly and secure the safety elastic band on the waist buckle webbing.

Carefully take the baby in your arms, keeping hold of his head.

Place the baby upright above the carrier waist belt. Position his knees at an angle that is comfortable for him.

Holding the child with one hand, put the straps over your shoulders, one at a time, and fasten the buckles.

Take the baby in your arms; position him correctly and lift the back panel of the carrier up. Hold the child’s upper back with one hand, and place one shoulder strap over your shoulder with the other hand.

Swap the hand holding the baby. Reach behind with the other hand and take the loose end of the shoulder strap.

Supporting the child with your forearm, bring the end of the strap to the opposite side of the carrier; fasten the shoulder strap buckle with both hands. Do the same from the other side. 

Adjust the length of the shoulder straps using fit adjusters if needed. Secure the safety elastic bands on the buckles webbing at each shoulder strap.

This is the correct look of a Diva buckle carrier with a newborn. Pay attention to the insert, it passes under the baby’s knees, and his bottom rests over the insert. The baby's bottom is not sitting on the insert. A baby will have his feet out of the back panel. The base is narrowed and fixed with a velcro tape as described above.

To support the head of a newborn or an older baby while sleeping, use the detachable hood rolled as a headrest and fixed as described here >>> 

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