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Diva Milano are baby carriers designed and produced in Italy. 

The DIVA Woven Wraparound Sling is the simplest, most versatile, most stylish and most convenient and comfortable baby carrier, allowing a range of carrying positions and distributing weight across one or both of the wearer’s shoulders. Suitable for babies of any age, children can be cradled or carried upright, and held on the chest, on the back, or on the hip.

Diva Milano is also offering a range of ring slings from its fabric.

Only Egyptian cotton is used in production of Diva Milano slings. This is the finest and most expensive type of cotton with extra-long staples, usually produced by luxury brands' bed linen and clothes, often mixed with silk. This cotton plant produces long, thin fibers that won't pill. Threads are light but strong, silky and soft. With proper care, baby wraps from Egyptian cotton will last several decades, which justifies a higher price tag. 

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