100% Cotton

Diva Essenza Mei Tai

Diva Essenza 100% cotton Mei Tais are produced from Diva Essenza baby wraps. This carrier is easy to use, can be worn with both new-borns and toddlers, and it just looks great!

Diva Essenza Mei Tai can be used from birth due to adjustable base and wide straps, so that you can insure correct legs position and good back support for a baby.

Diva Milano Mei Tai

ATTENTION: in 2015 we changed the hood construction, now all mei tais have hoods which can be fixed with 2 half-rings on each shoulder strap. You can use a hood as a headrest with 2 possible positions. All our photography and instructions will be changed gradually with time. All mei tais shipped from our web shop have a new hood construction.

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