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Get a Diva Toddler Mei Tai converted from your own woven wrap! 

For a conversion you need to send us at least 4.5m long x 70-75cm wide piece of woven wrap fabric (it is always better to send us a bit more just in case).

You cover shipping costs of the material to us and of the final product from us to you. The production takes 1-3 days. Your product will have all the highest qualities of a Diva Toddler Mei Tai (see below), using the best production materials, having a Diva instructions leaflet and a plain fabric storage bag/backpack. The fabric left from the production will be sent back to you.

 Diva Custom Mei Tai Toddler

The Diva Toddler Mei Tai is a baby carrier from 6 months up to 3 years. It is sewn from Diva baby wraps, and can be used for front and back positions. 

Special Features of our carrier:

  • a rollable hood which can be used as a baby headrest;
  • wide padded shoulder straps made of Diva wrap fabric, for a great carrying comfort and better adjustability;
  • straps at the hood to fix easily in shoulder half-rings;
  • adjustable backpanel base to ensure correct legs position for both newborns and toddlers;
  • padded baby leg openings and a padded belt;
  • a drawstring in a neck area for perfect adjustment.

Mei Tai Dimensions:

  • Age: can be used from 6 months up 3 years;
  • Upper straps: padded, 220cm (87in.) long, 24cm (9,5in.) wide;
  • Backpanel height48cm (19in.) +10cm (4in.) wide padded belt;
  • Adjustable base: 25-45cm (10-18in.);
  • One size (suitable for a waist up to 160cm)

Designed in Italy, manufactured in Portugal.

Meets ASTM International Standard F2236-14, approved January 2014.
Meets European Standard EN 13209-2, approved August 2005

Care instructions: machine wash at gentle cycles and low temperature, do not tumble dry.

Comparison of Original and Toddler models:

Diva Milano Original and Toddler Mei Tai comparison

Regular mei tai dimensions are suitable for grown-ups wearing sizes up to XL (app. 16 US/18 GB or 46 (F), 52 (I)). Grown-ups with sizes L-XL will have the upper straps' knot on their back. Grown-ups with lower sizes can have a knot in front, under the baby's bum, as per our instructions. Lower straps are suitable for a waist up to 160cm.

Size L can be produced by request, with a slight mark-up.

Diva Woven Wrap Sizing

Diva Milano Woven Wrap is available in sizes S (4.2m), M (4.6m) and L (5.2m).

The right size will depend on your own measurements and how you prefer to carry your baby: size 4.2m is suitable for 'Kangaroo' and 'Cross Carry', and sizes 4.6m and 5.2m for the 'Wrap Cross Carry'.

The medium-sized sling (4.6m) is generally suitable for most adults and carrying styles, the 5.2m sling might be better for larger adults and/or babies. If your own body size is no more than 14 you can use Wrap Size 4.6m for all carrying methods. For body size 14 (GB) / 12 (US) we recommend Wrap Size 5.2m.


Ring Sling Sizes

Size M is 180 cm (measured along the shorter side from rings). This size is suitable for those wearing sizes up to L (app. 14 US/16 GB or 44 (F), 50 (I)). Size L is 200cm (measured along the shorter side from rings). For most models this size is produced by request.


Diva Mei-Tai Sizes

Regular mei tai dimensions are suitable for grown-ups wearing sizes up to XL (app. 16 US/18 GB or 46 (F), 52 (I)). Grown-ups with sizes L-XL will have the upper straps' knot on their back. Grown-ups with lower sizes can have a knot in front, under the baby's bum, as per our instructions. Lower straps are suitable for a waist up to 160cm.

Size L can be produced by request (please contact us by e-mail info@diva-milano.com for details).

Diva Buckle Carrier Sizes

One size, suitable for a waist up to 160cm.

Diva Milano Original mei tais can be used with:

  • newborns (with a hood used as a headrest and mei tai body base reduced in width by special cords with stoppers); you can also reduce the height of the back panel by slight tucking of the belt;
  • most babies up to 12-18 months with the upper side of the mei tai back ending under their head (the baby should be properly positioned without excessive sagging in the back, with a mei tai back properly pulled up);
  • toddlers up to 2-3 years with their shoulders and sometimes arms outside.

If you baby is older then 6 months, we recommend to purchase a Diva Milano Toddler Mei Tai >>

Diva Essenza mei tai

A baby on the left side is a big boy 12 months old. A doll on the right side has dimensions of a 1-2 months baby.

The hood can be fixed with 2 half-rings on each shoulder strap. You can use a hood as a headrest with 2 possible positions. When the headrest is fixed in the upper position, it serves as a mei tai back extension so can be recommended especially for toddlers.

Diva Milano Mei Tai

Returns and Exchange Policy

Feel free to order our products, even if you do not like the model or ordered the wrong size, you can return the product to us for refund or exchange within 14 days of receipt of your order. Please note that returned items must be in clean, unworn, unwashed and brand new condition, in its original packaging with tags attached.

If you wish to exchange an item that you purchased for a different size or style, we will ship you the replacement FREE by regular mail (this is not applicable to items purchased with a promo discount, we will ask you to pay for the replacement shipping). Unfortunately we do not offer a refund for initial or return shipping. 

If the initial shipping was free, in case of return we will refund with a deduction of our actual shipping cost.

After we receive your return, we will inspect it and provided the product is in like-new condition described above, we will make you a refund and/or send your exchange. 

Products purchased with a discount from "Sale" category are non-refundable.


Returns of Product with Faults

Diva Milano company is settled to provide the product of the highest possible quality. On top of inspections at the factory all products are inspected before shipping. But if by chance you receive a damaged/faulted item, we will send you a replacement or make a full refund including initial and return shipping costs, within 30 days after receipt of your purchase.


Please contact us by e-mail info@diva-milano.com in case you wish to return/exchange any items you purchased for further instructions. 

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