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Buckle Baby Carrier: Back Carry

Age: from 5 months

Put the carrier waist belt around your waist (or slightly lower), fasten the belt buckles, tighten the belt until it fits tightly.

Secure the safety elastic band on the waist buckle webbing.

Fix the carrier waist belt at your waist or slightly lower as described in the front carry instructions. Leave the carrier hanging down behind you. Connect the shoulder strap buckles to the back panel until you hear a loud click. Also secure the buckle webbing with the safety elastic band at each side.

Place one of the shoulder straps over your shoulder.

Place the baby onto your hip. 

Bend down and move the baby towards your back slightly, then place your hand under his bottom and position the baby centrally on your back. Before lifting your arm, support the baby with your opposite arm.

Holding the baby’s  hand and under his bottom, place him in a position in line with the back panel. Allow the baby’s bottom to sink into  pocket of fabric.

Keep hold of the shoulder strap on this side. With the other hand, spread the back panel over the baby’s bottom and back.

Place the other shoulder strap over the other shoulder.

Fasten the connecting strap on your chest.


Adjust the length of the shoulder straps pulling the webbing.

Final look of the carry from the front,


and back.

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