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Buckle Baby Carrier: The One! Special Instructions

Buckle Baby Carrier: The One! Special Instructions

Suitable for babies from birth to 3 years.

The back panel is fully adjustable and can be reduced in width and height, to adjust to the baby’s size. No inserts are needed for this model to be used from birth.

The Back Panel Adjustment

To use a carrier with a baby from birth until he reaches 80cm height/10kg weight you need to adjust the size of the back panel (in width and height).


1. The Width

In the correct position the base of the carrier supports a baby from knee to knee (not further), the pelvis of the child is lower than the knees forming an “M” shaped position.

To narrow the back panel, move the panel along the belt to the center (at both sides) and fix with a velcro tape.


2. The Height

In the correct position the baby’s face is visible over the top edge of the back panel. 

To reduce the height, cinch the webbing at the top of the panel down from each side, as if folding the panel. The webbing is fully released with larger babies and toddlers.

Go on following the main instructions for use.

инструкция к эрго-рюкзаку

The final look of the carrier from the front and at the side:


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