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Buckle Baby Carrier: Hood and Headrest

1. Hood

The Diva buckle carrier has an adjustable hood which can be also used as a headrest to support a small baby’s head and neck, and to support the head when the baby falls asleep. For this purpose, first adjust the hood height, using the adjustable strings at the top.

Lift the hood up and fasten it with buckles to the shoulder straps on each side. Adjust the tension of the hood as needed.

IMPORTANT: watch the baby's breath, the air access should be free!

2. Headrest

The hood can be rolled up and fixed as a headrest, providing an additional support for the child’s cervical spine. This can also support the baby’s  head when he falls asleep.

Attach the rolled hood with buckles to the shoulder straps.

 Adjust the length of the buckle webbing to achieve the necessary tension.

The final look of the carrier with a rolled up and fixed hood.

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