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Buckle Baby Carrier: Front Carry (parallel straps)

Age: from 5 months

Put the carrier waist belt around your waist (or slightly lower), fasten the belt buckle. 

Tighten the belt until it fits tightly, secure the safety elastic band on the waist buckle webbing.

Move the panel of the carrier forward.

Adjust the width of the back panel base, it should be narrowed for babies from birth up to 5-8 months. To narrow the back panel, move the panel along the belt to the center (at both sides) and fix with a velcro tape. For babies older than 8 months the panel should be fully spread.

Connect the shoulder straps at the back of carrier. Also secure the safety elastic band on the webbing of the shoulder strap buckles.

Take the baby in your arms and place him in front of you, positioning his legs to the sides. Lower the baby’s bottom until it is just above the waist belt.

Lift the back panel up, holding the baby close with it.

Place the shoulder straps over your shoulders one at a time, holding the baby’s upper back with your free hand each time. 

Reach behind your back and secure the buckles on the connecting strap. To maximize comfort you can adjust the height and length of the connecting strap.

Adjust the length of the shoulder straps: pull the webbing on them in such a way that the back of the carrier fits the child’s back tightly. Loosen the straps a little, If needed.

If needed, you can increase or decrease the length of the soft part of the shoulder straps. To do this, loosen or tighten the  webbing at the top of the straps.

The final look of the carrier from the front,

on side,

and at the back.

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